Essential Books to Read Before Taking a Culinary Tour to Sicily

As the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a city with a lot of culture and a fascinating history. Most people associate Sicily with delicious and decadent Italian food, and that's with good reason. Its cuisine is second to none, and the best way to get the most out of a visit to the area is with a culinary tour of Sicily that will empower you to taste all the best dishes the region offers. Before going on a culinary tour to Sicily, be sure to check out these books that can help you appreciate the adventure even more.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth's Gilbert's Eat Pray Love is a powerful memoir of how the author went on a quest of self-discovery, and her account of Sicily is mesmerizing. One memorable part of the book is how she described the pleasure of eating authentic Italian fare and what it meant to her. Reading her stories will ensure that you make trying authentic Italian pizza a priority on your journey, and that's only natural during a trip to experience the best tastes in Italy.

Dreaming of Sicily by Betsy Vincent Hoffman

Betsy Vincent Hoffman came to love Sicily because of her Sicilian grandmother who helped raise her. She loved to hear stories of the island and ultimately wanted to visit Sicily for herself. She promised her grandmother that she would, and this book chronicles what happens when she finally does. The beauty of the prose and illustrations will have you longing for Sicily, and it will help you enjoy the culinary tour more because of the increased anticipation.

Midnight In Sicily by Peter Robb 

Peter Robb has written a book that every lover of Italian food and culture should read. In Midnight In Sicily: On Art, Feed, History, Travel and la Cosa Nostra, Robb has combined literary styles to create unique and captivating prose. It is not a travel guide, although it's title may suggest such. It is a worthwhile read that will help spark your imagination and reaffirm your commitment to touring the wonderful island of Sicily.

Finally, Goethe once said that one does not know Italy unless they visit Sicily. It is certainly an experience that will allow you experience many culinary pleasures. Being along some great books to read and prepare to delight your senses with the delectable food that awaits you in Sicily.